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Traumatology and Orthopedics with course of post graduate education

Department of Traumatology and Orthopedics established in 1966 on clinical surgery department of Ufa engine - building association. Headed the department at  1966 was professor Penkova A.M.  The main areas of research of the department during that period were: neurotrophic trauma complications,  joint pathology and outcomes, spine traumas, compression-distraction osteosynthesis, pediatric orthopedics. Traditions of the education, researches and practical traumatology and orthopedics continued professor Nikitin V.V. as a head of department from 1982 to 2002. Since 2002 – head of department is professor Minasov B.Sh.

The aria of scientific researches are:   multiple trauma, spine injures, joint osteoarthritis. Education process include students of  IV, V and VI of the courses of general medicine, pediatric, dental, preventive health departments and faculty of medical and nursing with the office of social work.

The global information network connected with data bases and archives are available.

With distance learning system specialists can in real time to obtain the necessary information material, evaluate the knowledge, ask questions for  colleagues or moderators.

The  scientific laboratory allow research biomechanical studies of patients (goniometry, stabilometry, podography), as well as practical training of students. The modern interactive technologies are available at the department: testing, practical trainings, case simulation games with interactive whiteboards, body segment models.  Department include employee at six orthopedic clinics in  Ufa.

Medical technologies implemented at the department:

Spine fixation system, "Longeron"

Bone Metabolism monitoring

Multiple trauma menegement

minimally invasive osteosynthesis

Development of advanced materials

Hip and knee Arthroplasty

Hip,  knee and shoulder Arthroscopy

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Valentin Nikitin, MD, PhD, Head of Department from
1982 to 2002., Honorary Doctor of Russia and RB.
Research interests: polytrauma, joint osteoarthritis.
The founder of orthopedic and trauma care in RB.
Мember of Russia and RB Orthopaedic and Trauma
Minasov B. Sh, Chairman, MD,
professor, academician of Russian
academy of medical technologies, president of
the Bhashkirian trauma and orthopedic
Association, Honored Doctor of Russian Federation.
Chairman of the Dissertation Council  "traumatology,
gynecology, dentistry."
Research interests: surgical treatment of orthopedic 
spine pathology, hip and knee arthroplasty. Мember of 
international associations and societies. Owner of  more
than 30 European certificates.
VALEEV M.M. Аassociate professor. 
Research interests: microsurgery, hand surgery,
vascular surgery, reconstructive plastic surgery.
Scientific Secretary of the Dissertation Council
"traumatology, gynecology, dentistry"
Honored Doctor of RB, member of Russian Hand
Surgery society, member of the European Hand 
Surgery Society, a member of Bashkirian trauma and orthopedic association. 
4.jpg 5.jpg 6.jpg
Askarov A.F. PhD, MD, Professor.  
Honored Doctor of  RB.  At the department since 1974.
Research areas: joint pathology, 
hip and knee arthroplasty.

Mavlyutov T. R.  PhD, MD, Professor. 
Research interests: combustiology, surgical
infection, complications of burns.  
The  thermal injury of  RB curator.   

Kanbegov V.T., MD, Docent. At the department from 1968.  
Docent from  1983.   Research interests:  
reabilitology, joint pathology, trauma complications. 
12.jpg 7.jpg 8.jpg
    Bilyalov A.  R. – MD, Docent. 
At the department since 2002.
Responsible for the interactive technologies, 
public relation and information development.
Research interests: surgical reconstruction 
of bone tumors and tumor like pathology.
     Sokolova I.V. MD, at the department since 1990,
Research interests:  joint pathology, road traffic
 injuries management organisation.
     ZIGANSHIN I. N, MD, Docent.
At the department since 1996.   
Responsible for post graduate education course. 
Research interests: multiple trauma osteosynthesis, 
calcaneus fractures surgical treatment, hip replacement
9.jpg 10.jpg 11.jpg
NigamedzyanovI.E.  MD, Docent. 
At the department since 2004.
Research interests: minimally 
invasive osteosynthesis in multiple trauma, 
education process organization
     Minasov T.  B. MD, Docent. At the 
department since 2007.
Responsible for the international cooperation. 
Member of the International Orthopaedic Association SICOT,  
member of Russian osteoporosis foundation. Research interests: 
bone metabolism pathology, hip and knee arthroplasty, 
forefoot deformities surgical treatment
     Yakupov R.R. – MD, Docent. At the department since 2001. 
Responsible for the scientific work. 
Research interests: osteoporosis, osteoarthritis, polytrauma, 
osteosynthesis, arthroplasty, professional pathology
 of the musculoskeletal system
13.jpg 14.jpg 15.jpg
Islamov S. A.  MD, Docent. At the department since 1996.
Research interests: spinal injury, joint pathology, 
multiple trauma management. 
     Afanasyev N. V. Assistant.  
At the department since 2011.Responsible 
for pediatric orthopedics and interactive technologies.   
Author of  40 publications
Turumtaev Z. K. At the department since 2011. 
Research interests: osteosintesis, 
hip and knee replacement, multiple trauma injures
Yushkova K. A. Technical assistant.
At the department since 2011
Education – Ural State Academy of Physical Culture.