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Application Process

Thank you for choosing Bashkir State Medical University, Ufa, Russia.

You will find necessary information regarding application procedure below.

Please be informed that according to its License the University is bound to provide the medical education in Russian language only. For students who wish to study Medicine in English medium, education will be provided in the English language for the initial 3 years.

Step 1. Select your study program
Step 2. Prepare documents listed below for initial application and send them to us through e-mail

At the first, it will be sufficient to provide translated and certified copies of international passport and academic certificates.

The following documents should be sent via e-mail:

1. completed Application form and Visa invitation form

2.a copy of the international passport (the pages with the photo, date of expiration and place of birth and any other pages with stamps and marks) your passport should be valid for at least 2.5 years from the date of application

3. Documents confirming your previous educational level (school certificate with marks sheet etc)

4. HIV negative certificate (for visa)

5. Health certificate with vaccination certificate

All documents must be translated to Russian and duly certified (recognized or certified at a consular department of the embassy).

Please, download application form for Undergraduate or Postgraduate level of education

You have to fill mentioned forms and send them via e-mail to the University (admission@bashgmu.ru) along with requested documents.

Please use your official name (as on passport and on all your application documents).

Make sure your email address is valid and functional as all University correspondence will be sent to the email address you enter in the Application Form.

All your necessary documents must be submitted by the last date of application.

Step 3. Receive a student’s invitation (takes about 30-40 working days)

When submitting the required documents for student’s invitation, you should provide the following information:

  • Country of your birth;
  • Place of your birth;
  • Place of issuance of visa;
  • Permanent residence address (according to your passport);
  • E-mail address.

This information is required to issue the Invitation by the Migration Office of Ministry of Internal Affairs of the Russian Federation.

You will receive the invitation via email which is provided to us in the application form.

Note! Receiving visa invitation alone is NOT sufficient to enter Russia. The set of documents necessary to apply for student visa at the Consulate/ Embassy of Russian Federation includes invitation and confirmation letter (both are issued by the University officials).

Step 4. Apply for a student’s visa

On receiving an invitation letter, the applicant must contact the Embassy of the Russian Federation in his / her country in order to apply for a student’s visa.

Attention! Applicants with "tourist visa" are not eligible to study or register at BSMU!

Step 5. Arrival to the Russian Federation

It is necessary to inform university about your arriving dates in the Russian Federation one week prior to arrival.

If you inform the officials of the Admission Committee in time, you will be included in the University’s database and provided with accommodation at the University’s hostel immediately on arrival.

Note: You should informUniversity about your arrival date in advance otherwise your accommodation reservation will be canceled.

You should arrive at least one week before the start of the entrance exams (dates of arrival are also noted in confirmation letter).

Please, send us this arrival form!!!

You must fill your migration card on arrival to the Russian Federation at the airport, after which you will receive a stamp atthe Border Control services desk. This stamp confirms your entry into the Russian Federation.

Note: You must submit your migration card to the university officials on arrival as it is a proof of your entry in the Russian Federation.

On the day of your arrival or the next day (except for weekends) you have to visit the office of External Affairs and Foreign Students with the following documents:

• Passport

• Migration card (received at the airport on arrival)

Importance: All foreign students must submit the documents for registration to the Dean’s Office for International students within 3 days after their entry into the Russian Federation. The penalty for failing to complete the registration in time may vary from paying a fine to deportation from Russia.

Please, find attached information related to Visa & Registration Rules!!!

And finally, you have to submit your documents to Admission Committee

Step 6. Pass entrance examination

You are hereby informed that the number of seats is strictly limited and the entrance examination will be held on a competitive basis for applicants. You will be tested on your knowledge of chemistry and biology.

Step 7. Singing agreement (contract) and payment

On passing the entrance examination successfully, the applicant is obliged to sign an agreement for education to become a student of our University.

Along with signing the agreement for education in the University, the following payments must be made at the university:

Tuition fees

Official fee for visa processing

Hostel fees, including accommodation and additional charges

All students obliged to have medical insurance for all period of stay in Russia!!!

After enrollment, you will have medical check-up to prove your medical fitness for study in BSMU

Step 8. Join BSMU Team

To study in our University there is no need to provide us with any certificate proving the level of the applicant’s English language

All the students admitted to our University will be provided with rooms in one of our University’s hostels, for the entire period of their study.