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International Cooperation

Collaboration with leading international educational, scientific and medical institutions is one of the key priorities of Bashkir State Medical University. Cooperation with foreign partners enables students and young doctors of BSMU to participate in international exchanges, workshops, various joint research projects as well as to get familiar with other cultures and to improve foreign language skills.

To this moment BSMU’s list of foreign partners includes about 30 universities, clinics, scientific and educational centers of Germany, China, USA, Norway etc.

Annualy up to 30 students and young doctors of BSMU Clinic undergo summer internship in Universities of Germany and China. Also in BSMU lectures, workshops and seminars of doctors and professors from other countries are often held. The University, in turn, accepts up to 30 students per year from China, Germany and Kazakhstan for summer practice in BSMU Clinic.

Besides, during last several years BSMU took part in arranging significant international events that were held in Ufa.

International cooperation_Визит президента Харбинского Медицинского Университета в БГМУ.JPG International cooperation_Делегация Анхойского университета в г. Уфа.JPG

 International cooperation_Лекция профессора Университета Регенсбурга В.Ф.Вилланда.jpg International cooperation_Пресс-конференция с одним из основателей Канадского Фонда опухолей мозга Памелой дель Маэстро.jpg

International cooperation_Мастер-класс профессора Клиники Каритас (г. Регенсбург) М. Павлика в Клинике БГМУ.jpg International cooperation_Подписание соглашения с ЮКГФА.jpg

International cooperation_Делегация БГМУ в Сычуаньском Университета (г. Чэнду).jpg