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Priority 2030


Priority 2030 is a federal program to support universities that will become leaders in creating new scientific knowledge, technologies and developments for implementation in the Russian economy and social sphere.

As a result of the competitive selection, the FGBOU HE BSMU of the Ministry of Health of the Russian Federation became the winner, having won both the basic and the special part of the grant.

This is the result of painstaking and long-term work of our specialists, however, winning is not only a great honor and recognition of the merits of the entire university staff, but also a great responsibility. A lot is expected of us - both powerful growth in the research and applied fields, and the adoption of non-standard administrative decisions, and the development of youth science and the integration of our educational policy into the republican infrastructure. At present, the strategic projects of BSMU are concentrated on the frontier areas of medical science, in which the university has already accumulated unique resources, and it is set up for fruitful work with energy and optimism.

The updated development strategy of the university relies on the improvement of fundamental and translational medicine with its own production base and extensive cooperation with leading Russian and international partners.

The Priority 2030 program will make it possible to concentrate resources to ensure the contribution of Russian universities to the achievement of the national development goals of the Russian Federation for the period up to 2030, to increase the scientific and educational potential of universities and research organizations, and to ensure the participation of educational organizations of higher education in the socio-economic development of the regions Russian Federation.

The goal of the Priority 2030 program is to form in Russia by 2030 more than 100 progressive modern universities - centers of scientific, technological and socio-economic development of the country.

"The strategic goal of BSMU is to transform into an international university that produces new medical knowledge, technologies, biomedical products and provides healthcare for the region and Russia with highly qualified personnel. We understand global and regional challenges and form our own development tracks. Our main goal is the transition from a university of medical education to innovative model - the University of Life Science 4.0, which has its own divisions of fundamental and translational science, its own production base with extensive cooperation with leading Russian and international partners.Creating an individual digital contour of a student and teacher, including one focused on an English-speaking audience, will increase the number of foreign students by 2030 2 times a year.” - Valentin Pavlov, Rector of BSMU

“An international ophthalmological cluster is being formed, which will ensure an increase in the number of researchers, publication activity and attract foreign patients, this will contribute to the development of international medical tourism in the republic,” said Deputy Prime Minister of the Government of the Republic of Bashkortostan, answering a question about the role of the transformation of BSMU in the regional economy, Minister of Health of the Republic of Belarus Maxim Zabelin.