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International scientific events

To expand international activities and engage faculty and students of all levels into global medical science and practice Bashkir State Medical University regularly hosts events such as conferences, master-classes, open lectures with participation of prominent international experts of various areas of medicine.   

The most significant events include:

·         The Week of Healthcare of Member States of BRICS and Shanghai Cooperation Organization (28-30 May 2015);

·         International scientific conference “Interdisciplinary issues of innovative solutions for male and female health problems, reproductive and sexual medicine” (30 June – 1 July 2016)

·         Master-classes “New technologies in the treatment of oncological diseases of GI tract” by Professor Peng Bing from Sichuan university (China) (5-6 October 2016);

·         Master-class “Cryoablation of bone metastases” by Professor Marco van Strijen from St. Antonius Hospital, Utrecht, Netherlands (12-13 October 2016);

·         XVI Congress of Russian Association of Urology (20 – 22 October 2016).