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Dean's office

Dean’s Office for International Students

The International Office was founded in 2003.

initially, its name was The Department of International Cooperation and External Economic Activity - under the guidance of Prof. Leyla Akhmadeyeva. The creation of the Office was preceded by the work of the Dean's Office for International Students.

Currently, the International Office works in several directions, the main of which are the work with international students, development of international academic mobility, and international research, science, and conference projects. In the academic year 2015-2016 at BSMU there are 270 international students from 26 countries of the world, as India, Bangladesh, Iraq, Jordan, Yemen, Syria, Palestine, Vietnam, Nigeria, Chad, Sudan, Egypt, Kazakhstan, and other countries. In 2004, the University has started training students from English-speaking countries (like India and Bangladesh).

The medium of the all training programs is Russian with a partial use of English. In 2011, the first students who started their training with a partial use of English, graduated from BSMU. Among them there was a graduate student who was awarded a Diploma with Honors.

We cooperate with many universities, clinics, scientific and educational centers of Germany, China, Norway, USA, Great Britain and other countries. Faculty members and students of BSMU participate in exchange programs, conferences and workshops, perform researches together with our international partners.

Clinical trial centers and departments of BSMU take part in international clinical trials on pharmaceuticals and medical equipment.

After reorganization, Dean’s Office for International Students has been re-established in 2016 and continued to work with international students and International Office took responsibility for the international academic mobility, and international research.

Dean’s Office for International Students

Dean: Rasul Farshatov, M.D., Ph.D., Associate professor at the Department of Therapy, Nursing and General Patient Care

Vice-Dean: Elza Shirgazina

Vice-Dean on Student Affairs: Oleg Zabolotny

Specialist on Visa&Migration: Gulnaz Gafarova

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