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Dear colleagues and friends!

We are glad to welcome you on the official website of Bashkir State Medical University.

Bashkir State Medical University is the center of medical and pharmaceutical science of Bashkortostan Republic. For 80 years our institution has been successfully training specialists for health care, scientific and pedagogical work in the sphere of professional medical and pharmaceutical education of the Russian Federation.  Scholars of Bashkir State Medical University successfully represent our Republic and Russia at the international events in different fields of natural sciences.

The university faculty consists of famous scholars and medical practitioners who are involved in teaching, medical and scientific activities. BSMU possesses material and technical resources, training facilities, and a large library stock.

BSMU is famous for its schools of surgeons, oncologists, cardiologists, morphologists throughout Russian Federation and world medical institutions. 

We are glad to open our doors for new students from around the world, and welcome opportunities for international cooperation in educational, scientific and innovative work.

Rector of BSMU

Corresponding member of Russian Academy of Sciences

Professor Valentin N. Pavlov