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Professors from USA teach in BSMU

Professor Selina Le May-Klippel has visited our University. It should be pointed out, that Selina Le May-Klippel is the most prestigious scholarship of Fulbright program in the U.S. Department holder. The professor will teach in the University during the fall semester. During the first week in our University Selina Le May-Klippel together with Professor Leyla Rinatovna Akhmadeeva, the head of the Center of Neurology, Rehabilitation Medicine and Botulinum Therapy and the Center for Clinical Research of BSMU, have already given lectures to the fourth-year students of the Faculty of Pediatrics and the residents of the Hospital Pediatrics Department at the Republican Children's Clinical hospital. Professor Selina Le May-Klippel met with the leadership and faculty of BSMU Medical College, agreed on the schedule on which she will teach future nurses, met with the Neurology Department scientific club members, with the staff of the Center for Distance Education. The professor also participated in the international teleconference, where she discussed with young colleagues clinical cases of rare neurological diseases presented by neurologists from Canada. Much curriculum and activities are planned for Professor Selina Le May-Klippel in our University, in the Republic and Russia. Professor Selina Le May-Klippel teaches anatomy, physiology, nursing and manual therapy at New York University, USA.

From September 10 the 20th two-week anniversary of the University Neurological Readings start "Physical rehabilitation in diseases of the nervous, cardiovascular and urogenital systems: evidence-based approach". The main teacher of the event will be Dr. Cynthia Robinson (Washington University, Seattle, USA), who has been actively working with BSMU for several years, as well as Professor Akhmadeeva L. R. and Selina Le May-Klippel will perform their reports. Those who wish to participate in the University Neurological Readings can register by e-mail: info@ufaneuro.org. This event was included in the system of continuous postgraduate medical education and its participants will receive NMO points. We invite students, teachers and employees of BSMU and the University Clinic, as well as other interested professionals. The preliminary program is available at the link below.

Those who wish to meet and work with our guests as part of the academic mobility program you can write a letter directly to Le May-Klippel at la@ufaneuro.org.