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Biobank was formed in Bashkir State Medical University, the Ministry of Healthcare of the Russian Federation, in 2020. Biobank is a research division of BSMU and essential part of the institution research life, necessary condition for the development of personalized and translational medicine.

The development of personalized and translational medicine is one of the main tasks of BSMU, which is consistent with the development strategy of Russian science in general. The development of translational medicine allows repidly transfer the basic research results (mainly in the field of Cell and Molecular Biology, Genetics and Biochemistry) into clinical practice, which makes this area particularly promising and in great demand.

The activities of the Biobank are carried out in accordance with the international recommendations of ISBER (International Society for Biological and Environmental Repositories), guided by the Constitution of the Russian Federation, federal laws, orders of the Ministry of Healthcare of the Russian Federation, as well as the Ethics Committee and the Charter of BSMU.

The Biobank's biological collections include more than 10,000 biological samples and cover a wide range of pathologies, including oncopathology and new coronavirus infection.

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Biobank objectives

  • To prepare samples, to aliquot and responsibly store various biological materials’ samples under the required temperature conditions, as well as associated clinical and demographic information.
  • To create the collections of biological samples obtained from patients with various pathologies, including the material of first-line relatives, if it is possible to collect it.
  • To carry out work on the cultivation of primary cell lines, isolation of bone marrow mononuclears, peripheral blood, buffycoat production, as well as on DNA genotyping.
  • To store bio-resource collections of human biological material (whole blood and its derivatives, DNA, leukocyte films, tissues, primary cell lines), created within the framework of research projects implemented at BSMU.

Biobank is a member of the National Association of Biobanks and Biobanking Specialists (NASBio) and is open for cooperation. The entire volume of Biobank biological material is available both for experimental work within the framework of BSMU research projects, and for submission to research organizations, such as biomedical research institutes, pharmacological and biotechnological companies, which is a necessary condition for the development of translational medicine.

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Biobank of Bashkir State Medical University conducts active collaboration work with international partner universities. Currently, the joint study is being conducted with the Institute of Transfusion Medicine and Immunology of the Mannheim Faculty of Medicine, University of Heidelberg, Germany. The Institute of Translational Medicine of Harbin Medical University is also a permanent partner of BSMU.


Regulation on Biobank of BSMU (прикрепить положение о биобанке)


Staff of BSMU Biobank

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Kabirov Ildar Raifovich

Head of the Biobank, PhD


Kalimullina Liliya Ilgizovna

Laboratory research assistant

Contacts: Ildarkabirov@gmail.com