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International Office

International Office functions under the Vice-Rector for Academic Affairs and is a part of Directorate for Academic Affairs.

International office is tasked with:

-        Establishment and development of mutually beneficial partnership ties with leading educational and scientific institutions all over the world, preparing of bilateral and multilateral cooperation programs in the fields of science and education;

-        Development of BSMU strategy for international activities and integration of the university into the global educational, scientific and healthcare systems;

-        Expansion of the academic mobility through the activation of the international contacts, exchanges of students and faculty at interstate, inter-institutional and inter-university levels;

-        Facilitating organization of  joint scientific, health and educational projects with foreign counterparts at the university and abroad;

-        Engaging interested enterprises and organizations in the development of university’s international links;

-        Reception of foreign delegations, specialists, faculty, students, scientists. Interaction with public authorities regarding visits of foreign citizens, visa issues etc.

Currently International Office is actively working in following directions:

-        International students’ exchanges;

-        Organization of foreign specialists’ visits for lectures and master-classes;

-        International scientific collaboration

-        Cooperation with International Federation of Medical Students’ Associations.