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BSMU Alumni

Dr Nikhil Paradkar, New Delhi,India


"Hello Everyone 

I was a student of BSMU from 09-15 and currently working in a Govt Hospital in New Delhi,I Remember my first few days and the difficulties I faced as I was in a totally different country with a different culture and a whole new language. But as I time passed we all eventually got along with the things.Learned so many new things made many new friends.we had many surprises all along and one such surprise was when we found out that we’d be having lectures and have to do history and paper work in hospitals in Russian language, many of us were worried and some decided to change universities and run away from the problems but most of us who were in love with the city and university stayed back in fact life after 3rd year when we started with the Russian batch were the best years of my life. For those of you guys who are worried about learning a new language and how you guys would cope up it’s not that difficult, you can’t or rather should not run away from your problems I personally feel now that it wasn’t a problem for me at all. Think of it as you are in a new country with new people and a new language which if you know would open a whole new world to you guys culturally you’d be open to whole lot of experiences which you’d remember and cherish for lifetime. Speaking of academics no matter where you go your patients won’t be speaking in English so the better you interact with them the better your history and understanding will be. I am fortunate enough of say that everyone from my batch knew Russian well enough and it is because of the knowledge of this language we even got to work with the Indian embassy and met the prime minister of India and be translators for his team. Few of you guys are worried about MCI and how will you guys pass by studying in Russian in fact those students from my batch and my senior batches who knew Russian very well were the ones to pass in the very first attempt as the exam is very much clinical oriented you need to have a sound clinical knowledge for which it is of utmost importance to know the language your patients speak. Not everything is easy in life guys it’s upto you to face your tasks and not run away from them.

I am always available for those who need help feel free to contact me

P.S : I ain’t no counselor or anything just an ex student like many who loves BSMU and loves Ufa and loves Russia.

Not a day goes by when we miss our university days

Dr Nikhil Paradkar"

Bojay David, Ufa, Russia


The time that I spent in BSMU taught me to believe more in myself. The University opened up a great internal potential, gave me the opportunity to meet very talented people of all kinds of activities (scientific, social, etc.). In BSMU I got the opportunity to communicate with people of different cultures from different countries.