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Dean's office

Dean's office international students

The Dean's office international students is the administrative unit of the federal state budgetary educational institution of higher education "Bashkir State Medical University of the Ministry of Health of the Russian Federation", which organizes the education of the foreign citizens studying in various educational programs (students, clinical residents, post-graduate students, students of the preparatory course).

The Dean's Office for International Students was organized in 2016 due to the increase in the number of international students. Currently, more than 5200 foreign citizens from 58 countries study at the University.

            Expansion of international cooperation and internationalization of the University are among the key priorities of the Bashkir State Medical University. In particular, among the main directions of the international activity of BSMU, it is necessary to allocate the export of education.

            Training of national personnel for foreign countries is an important part of cooperation in the international arena and external economic activity of the Russian Federation. The degree of involvement of each particular University in the process of training highly qualified foreign specialists is an important rating indicator of the level of this University in the world educational space.

The University is widely known in many countries. The list of BSMU partners includes more than 30 leading universities, clinics, research and educational centers in Germany, the people's Republic of China, the USA, Norway and other countries. Teachers and students of BSMU participate in academic mobility programs, give lectures and reports at congresses in foreign partner universities, conduct research together with their foreign colleagues.   Bashkir state medical University made a significant contribution to the founding of the Russian-Chinese Association of Medical Universities

Current characteristics of the educational export are the following:

Fig. 1. Main countries represented in the University

The University is actively involved in the implementation of the priority project "Export of the Russian education system" by 2030, the number of students is planned to increase to 7000.

The main tasks of the Dean's office international students:

  • Methodical, passport and visa support and assistance to the admission committee in the organization of admission of foreign citizens to study in higher education programs;
  • Conducting educational, methodological, disciplinary, cultural, educational and sporting activities with international students;
  • Preparation of academic certificates and other documents for international students;
  • Maintaining links with graduates of the University from among foreign citizens;

Contact Information

Address: Ufa, st. Lenina (3rd floor)

Room. 19 – Educational department

Room. 28 – Visa support

Tel. : +7 (347)222-31-34

E-mail: deansoffice@bashgmu.ru  (for educational affairs)

           visa_support@bashgmu.ru  (for visa and registration)