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Dental Clinic

Dental clinic of Bashkir State Medical Institute was opened on 16 March, 1984 as the main practical base of the Faculty of Dentistry at BSMI.

Semyon Borisovich Gelman was at the origins of the Clinic foundation, his merit is opening of 5 dental offices directly in Ufa universities, where students had the opportunity to receive high-quality dental care without wasting precious time.

Dental Clinic is a therapeutic and prophylactic institution that provides the population with qualified and specialized medical care. Dental Clinic is also the basis for the organization and conduct of the educational process of Bashkir State Medical University (BSMU) for the medical dental staff training. Over 300 patients visit the clinic per shift, and more than 40 thousand students of Ufa higher education institutions get treatment here. Medical activity is carried out on the basis of the license № FS-02-01-002460 dated 10 June 2015.

Head of the Dental Clinic is the chief physician Lazarev Sergey Anatolievich, associate Professor of Dental Dentistry department at BSMU, Doctor of Medical Sciences, and doctor of the highest category.

The clinic includes:

1.     Administration.

2.     Treatment and Preventive Department.

3.     Surgical Dentistry Department. It includes periodontal and orthodontic offices.

4.     X-ray room.

5.     Diagnostics and Orthopedic Dentistry Department.

Dental Clinic provides high quality services. The staff introduces and implements new technologies with the active cooperation with all-Russian and foreign educational institutions, organizations, conducts workshops, training, exchange of experience. BSMU Dental Clinic employs scientists and doctors-professionals in various fields: doctors of Medical Sciences, professors, candidates of Medical Sciences, doctors mainly of the highest qualification category, who are constantly improving their work, mastering and introducing new technologies to increase the quality of the treatment process. A significant part of the doctors received the status of Honored Doctors of the Republic of Bashkortostan and Russia, became Healthcare excellent workers of the Republic of Bashkortostan and Russia.

Contact information:

450083 Russian Federation, Republic of Bashkortostan, Ufa, Chernyshevsky Str, 104

Tel.: + 7 (347)273-91-29

E-mail: kspbgmu@yandex.ru

Web-site: http://kspbgmu.bashmed.ru/