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Postgraduate courses

Postgraduate courses

Postgraduate training is an integral part of medical education.

BSMU offers a rich variety of opportunities for postgraduate studies or almost all specialties in the following PG programs:

Residency (ordinatura) - 2-3 years

Ph.D. courses (aspirantura) - 3-4 years and the doctorate (D.Sc fellowships or doktorantura) - 3-4 years.

All postgraduate courses and programs are conducted in the Russian language

Information for applicants


1.     Application for admission;

2.     Visa invitation (application) form

3.     Notarized translation into Russian of the Diploma, including a record of performance with program (Supplement to Diploma) – 2 copies;

4.     Notarized translation of the international passport into Russian – 2 copies;

5.     CV (for Ph.D. applicants);

6.     Recommendation written by one of your professors (for Ph.D. applicants);

7.     Medical certificate which confirms the absence of medical contraindications for training in the Russian Federation; laboratory test results: AIDS test, Wassermann’s test, Hepatitis B,C test; complete x-ray report of the chest; previous inoculations certificate;

8.     12 matte passport-size black and white or colored photos.

Department of residency and internship at BSMU

Tel.: 8 (347) 273-58-97

e-mail: ordinatura@bashgmu.ru