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BSMU educational programs will equip you with the knowledge and skills you need to succeed in your career. 

Our graduates are on the front lines of medicine and science serving individuals and populations in healthcare industry in Russia and globally.

We educate and train the next generation of doctors, researchers in healthcare field, and other healthcare professionals.

Our Mission is to improve the health, wealth and wellbeing of the people of our Republic of Bashkortostan, Russian Federation and the world.

We have established ourselves as a world-class place to learn, research and innovate. We collaborate with the Ministry of Healthcare of the Russian Federation, Ministry of Higher Education and Science of the Russian Federation, Professional Societies and Healthcare industry. Our community of students, researchers and partners draw on and benefit from the expertise of our international researchers and faculty.

Our M.D. Program is built around your educational journey to become the physician you want to be, incorporating systems-based basic science curriculum, simulation-based and practice-oriented learning in both laboratory and clinical setting, mentored personal and professional growth.

We offer different courses

1) Pre-university courses

2) Undergaraduate courses

3) (Post)Graduate courses

4) Continuous Medical Education (CME)

University has License, issued by ministry of Science And Higher Education of Russia All educational programs have state accreditation as well as accredited by independent agencies.

Number of teaching staff (faculty)

General characteristics of the faculty members:

268 professors, doctors of sciences

739   candidates of sciences and associate professors


Pre-clinical subjects

Clinical subjects

Full - time



Part - time