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Student's life

Bashkir State Medical University proposes the integral system of educational, social and extracurricular activities, which is supported by the administration, Academic Council, deans, faculty, and structural units of the University.

The Department of Educational and Social work with students rules coordination of the University activities aimed at civil and patriotic, spiritual and moral, physical and aesthetic education.

Specialists of the Department carry out its work in close cooperation with youth public organizations: Student Council, BSMU Students’ Trade Union, structural units: Educational and Sport Complex №10, Volunteer Crew, Student Sports Club, etc.


Sports make our life bright, rich and colorful. Students of Bashkir State Medical University have an excellent fortuity to get themselves trained by the qualified and renowned physical coaches. Every student can take an active part in his favorite sport or choose a new one: football, mini-football, basketball, volleyball, table tennis, chess, mountain skiing, snowboarding, swimming, skiing, aerobics, boxing, kickboxing, weightlifting and athletics. Student teams participate in international, regional and city competitions and often take the prizes.



   Social communities and activities:

BSMU students are actively involved in social life of the University. They join to such University organizations as BSMU Students’ Trade Union, BSMU Students and Graduates’ Trade Union, Volunteer Crew, Students’ Council, International Club “Between the Cultures”, different creative clubs on drama, music and literature, a large scale of scientific groups.




One of the forms of educational work with students is tutorial system. The experience of our University shows that tutorial is an irreplaceable and effective system of interaction between University administration and students. It engages young people in socially active life, creates the sense of responsibility, and brings them up morally and physically.



   Festivals and Holidays

It is well known that students’ life is the brightest time. Various sport events, concerts, festivals, performances, balls create that brightness of the University life. Such festivals as Dedication to students, Freshman Day, Festival of Amateur Art "Debut of BSMU", Miss BSMU, Mr BSMU, Spring Festival Navruz, Students Spring, Indian Festival Divali, New Year Party, KVN etc. are very famous among the students.