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Master-class “Clinical research: what the participants should know (for researchers and organizations)”

We invite all the main researchers and co-investigators of current, completed and planned clinical research as participants of the master class and discussion on June 20 at 2:00 pm to the lecture hall of BSMU bldg #1 of (Lenin street, 3).

The information will be useful to both clinicians and healthcare organizers, administrators, lawyers and students. Admission is free.

In the preliminary plan:

- The current state of the clinical research market in Russia, trends, prospects:

- Structure and dynamics of the Russian the clinical research market (CR);

- Russia's place in the world market;

- Distribution of international multicenter clinical research in Russia. Place of the Republic of Bashkortostan in the rating of regions;

- The main market participants CR;

- Fundamentals of clinical research regulation in the world and in Russia. What researchers need to know;

- The relationship between "Sponsor/CRO medical organization – researcher", the opinion of the sponsor/CRO;

- Monitoring of CR:

- Control system (monitoring, audit, inspection, what are the tasks and differences);

- The quality of international multicenter clinical research in Russia, the results of the inspections, the FDA;

- The practice of healthcare inspections in relation to medical organizations and LEK;

- How to prepare for the test?

- Reforming data security, common mistakes

The main speaker is S. S. Zavidova (Moscow). A brief presentation of the Association of clinical research organizations (goals, objectives, members) also will be given.

Interested researchers can send additional questions, which you consider necessary to discuss to the address: info@ufaneuro.org

Head of the Center for clinical research in BSMU Akhmadeeva L. R.