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Master classes “Botulinum Therapy in the Treatment and Rehabilitation of the Nervous System Diseases”

Those who wants to study the treatment methodology of patients with the nervous system diseases with the use of botulinum toxin therapy (focal dystonia in the form of blepharospasm, spasmodic torticollis, facial hemispasm, focal spasticity of the muscles of the arms and legs after strokes, chronic migraines, etc.) they can enroll in master classes to Professor Akhmadeeva Leyla Rinatovna, the head of the Neurology, Rehabilitation Medicine and Botulinum Therapy Centre in BSMU Clinic. They should email the resume with data to: info@ufaneuro.org

For BSMU students (graduate students, interns, students) and the doctors from BSMU Clinic participation is free of charge.

The schedule of master classes is given in the order of BSMU. They will be conducted every month. It is planned to demonstrate patients, methods of diagnosis of the above conditions, the rules of work with various drugs botulinum neuroproteins, their recovery, features of the selection of the correct target muscles and doses of various non-interchangeable toxins with different indications, the use of both anatomical landmarks and navigation techniques, including electrical and ultrasound.

Being a Federal Clinic, we can invite patients from anywhere in Russia to participate in master classes as patients to receive botulinum therapy free of charge. For entry, you email to info@ufaneuro.org

The registered participants will receive all details on the time and venue of master-classes.