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The international teleconference on behavioral neurology

On 31 November the International teleconference on behavioral neurology will be held. The teleconference is held regularly sponsored by the Worldwide Federation of Neurologists. Ph.D. Mansur Kutlubaev and Prof. Leyla Akhmadeeva (Bashkir State Medical University) will give the lecture on the psychotical non-epileptic attacks among the patients with a seizure disorder. It should reminded that the conferences are headed by  the world-known professor Morris Freedman (Toronto University, Bakerest University Clinic, Canada). Neurologists, psychiatrists, psychologists from Norththen and Southern America, Europe, Asia and Africa take part in this conference. In BSMU Prof. Leyla Akhmadeeva coordinates the participation of the faculty and students in this project. Traditionally Morris Freedman presents the lectors, then all the participants listen to the lecture and after that, they ask the questions online and the rich discussion follows.
All the faculty, students, postgraduates and residents of BSMU, doctors of BSMU Clinic, who speaks English fluently, are welcome to the Distance Education Center.
Date: 31 November at 5:00 pm
Place: room 119, Str. Lenin 3
Participation is free of charge.
Psychogenic Non-epileptic Seizures in Patients with Epilepsy: Frequency, Correlates, and Outcomes