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Medical Physics and Informatics

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Medical Physics and Informatics
Contact Information:
Address: Ufa, Pushkin st., 96/98, 3rd floor
Tel./fax manager department: 273-61-83

 The Department of Medical Physics and Informatics (originally called the Physics Department) was established in the year of the University foundation (1932).

The mission of our Department is to help develop students to be able to fulfill the role of either clinical medical physicist working in the hospital environment or research medical physicist employed in research laboratories or the biomedical device industry. In the spirit of inter-professional cooperation the Department also prides itself in its extensive expertise in teaching relevant aspects of the subject to other healthcare professionals. The department provides comprehensive medical physics and computer science education.

Medical Physics and Informatics department research is broadly focused on using physical principles to improve our understanding of the biological basis of disease and health, improving our ability to non-invasively diagnosis disease as early as possible, and for developing, guiding, and non-invasively assessing therapeutic interventions.

Educational activity

The following subjects are taught at the Department of Medical Physics and Informatics:

Physics, Mathematics, Informatics (Faculty of Medicine, Pediatric Faculty, Faculty of Dentistry, Pharmaceutical Faculty, Faculty of Preventive Medicine and Biology)

Visualization in Medicine (Faculty of Medicine, Pediatric Faculty)

Quantum Biology, Quantum Physics (Faculty of Preventive Medicine and Biology)


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Main research areas of the Department

Computer simulation of electrooptic effects in liquid crystals (Dr. Aleksey Kudreyko, Dr. habil. Nail Migranov)

Experimental investigation of transport phenomenon in superionic conductors (Dr. habil. Malik Balapanov)

Physics of magnetic phenomena, magnetic materials and structures (Dr. Vladimir Nazarov)

Recent publications

Chigrinov, V.G. and Kudreyko, A.A., 2021. Tunable optical properties for ORW e-paper. Liquid Crystals, 48(7), pp.1073-1077.

Liu, H., Song, W., Li, M., Kudreyko, A. and Zio, E., 2020. Fractional Lévy stable motion: Finite difference iterative forecasting model. Chaos, Solitons & Fractals, 133, p.109632.

Chigrinov, V., Kudreyko, A. and Guo, Q., 2021. Patterned Photoalignment in Thin Films: Physics and Applications. Crystals, 11(2), p.84.

Delev, V.A., Nazarov, V.N., Scaldin, O.A., Batyrshin, E.S. and Ekomasov, E.G., 2019. Complex Dynamics of the Cascade of Kink—Antikink Interactions in a Linear Defect of the Electroconvective Structure of a Nematic Liquid Crystal. JETP Letters, 110(9), pp.607-612