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BSMU hosts the IV All-Russian Urologists School with international participation “Robotic surgery in urology. Plastic and reconstructive laparoscopic urology”

On 22-23 June the IV All-Russian Urologists School with international participation “Robotic surgery in urology. Plastic and reconstructive laparoscopic urology” is held in BSMU.

The All-Russian Urologists School is traditionally held every two years in the capital of Bashkortostan, Ufa, and gathers the best urologists from the country and abroad. Doctors exchange experience and conduct master classes for students, residents and colleagues.

The master class was opened in the assembly hall of the Bashkir State Medical University.

Valentin N. Pavlov, chief urologist of the Volga Federal district, rector of BSMU, welcomed the participants of the School:

- Nowadays we consider the whole aspect of urological technologies – from fusion biopsy to robotic surgery. All these technologies are actively used in the University Clinic in everyday practice, - said Valentin N. Pavlov.

Professor Wolf Wieland from Regensburg University in his welcoming speech to the participants of the School noted the success of long-term cooperation between two universities and spoke about new areas of joint work.

- On behalf of the President of Harbin Medical University, Yang Baofeng, I welcome participants of the Urologists School. Just last week, representatives of our University took part in the First Russian-Chinese Congress on the Treatment of Cardiovascular Diseases in Ufa, - Xu Wanhai, Vice-President of IV Affiliated hospital of Harbin Medical University, Director of the Urology Department, welcomed the participants.

This year the key theme of the School is surgical treatment of prostate cancer by various methods.

The School was opened by Michael S. Mosoyan, the Da Vinci expert in Russia, head of the Robotic Surgery Center at V. A. Almazov National Medical Research Center (Saint Petersburg) with demonstration surgery - robot-assisted nerve-sparing prostatectomy.

- It is a huge breakthrough for a medical institution to have a robotic surgery center. It is no accident that the first center in the Volga Federal district was opened in Ufa, in the University Clinic. The desire of doctors to improve and master new techniques is confirmed by the acquisition of the most modern technology, and holding conferences and schools of this level, - commented Michael S. Mosoyan.

During two days of the School at the University Clinic Chinese Professor Xu Wanhai, chief urologist of the VFD Valentin N. Pavlov, head of the General Surgery Department at Sechenov University Eduard Gallyamov, head of the Department in R. M. Fronstein Urology Clinic of Sechenov University Evgeniy Bezrukov, chief physician of St. Petersburg St. Luke hospital Sergey Popov, chief urologist of Krasnodar region Vladimir Medvedev, head of the Urology and Andrology department at N.I. Pirogov Russian National Research Medical University Sergei Kotov and many others will perform 15 demonstration operations.

One of the key issue of the School will be the master class "Fusion biopsy of the prostate."  Today Fusion biopsy is the most advanced method in the diagnosis of prostate cancer, the main idea of which is to apply multiparameter MRI data with the results of transrectal ultrasound to obtain 3D prostate graphics and subsequent biopsy. In the Republic of Bashkortostan this method is used only in BSMU Clinic and introduced into daily practice since 2017.

Stream of the master class is held in the lecture hall of the Bashkir State Medical University and on the website uroweb.ru