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5 September 2018 “The IV annual Russian-Chinese Conference for Young Scientists” was held

On 5 September 2018, BSMU hosted the IV annual Russian-Chinese Conference for Young Scientists. Professor Valentin N. Pavlov, rector of BSMU, corresponding member of RAS, and Inga Yumasheva, Deputy of the State Duma of the Russian Federation, made the welcoming speech at the conference. They noted the importance of academic mobility and cooperation with foreign universities. The head of the International Cooperation department, Prof. Naufal Zagidullin, spoke about the possibilities of passing summer practices and internships at the partner universities of BSMU. The international students from Heidelberg University on behalf of Mannheim Faculty of Medicine - Marino von Spangenberg and Naema Claudia Krampultz, as well as students from Sichuan University - Weijian Jean, Shu Wen and Chini WangThe attended the conference. They told Russian students about their universities and shared their impressions that they received during the summer internship at BSMU Clinic.

Reports on the following topics aroused great interest among the audience: "Internship in Germany, Mannheim" (R. A. Izmailov), "System level pentraxin-3 associated with thrombotic status in acute coronary syndrome" (I. A. Mustafina), "The Effect of long non-coding RNAS in the processes of cell proliferation and invasion in cancer of the cervix" (E. S. Bonnet), "Internship at the Institute of Pathology at the University clinic of Dresden" (R. R. Abdullin), "Narcology (addiction psychiatry) in Russian Federation" (A. A. Mavlihanova), "Trip Report on the First Sino-Russian competition of student design projects in the field of innovative experimental studies" (P. A. Davtyan), "The First affiliated hospital Nanchang University base for training BSMU students" (G. R. Gumerova). At the end of the conference, the participants summed up the results.