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All-Russian Student Olympiad on Surgery with international participation has started

On April 25, the all-Russian Student Olympiad on Surgery with international participation has started on the basis of BSMU. The Olympiad is held for the second time and brings together young surgeons from all over the world.

The opening ceremony was attended by Valentin Pavlov, rector of BSMU, corresponding member of RAS, Wolf Wieland, Professor of Urology at the University of Regensburg (Germany), Peking University delegation, represented by Wang Weiming, Vice-President of the Peking University Health Research Center, Wang Jianlu, Vice-President of the Peking University Health Research Center for academic activities, Jiang Guangchao, Director of the Educational Institution of the Peking University Health Research Center, and Wang Tingchao, Director of the Education Department of the Peking University Health Research Center, Han Jianli, Director of the Educational Center of the Third hospital of Peking University, and others; Vil Timerbulatov, Head of the Surgery department with the Course of Endoscopy IARE, corresponding member of RAS, Professor Vladimir Plechev, head of the Hospital Surgery department.

       - The Olympiad has several goals: training our future surgical staff, developing international cooperation and working out the model of specialist accreditation. Today, the participants of the Olympiad pass a number of competitive stations, which will be held even if they are admitted to the profession. Now we are fruitfully solving the problem of eliminating the personnel shortage in the field of Medicine of the Republic and at the same time we set the task of improving the quality of knowledge and practical skills of doctors. The Olympiad is one of the ways to solve this issue, - said Valentin Pavlov, rector of BSMU, corresponding member of RAS.

Fifteen teams from different parts of Russia, China, Germany, Kyrgyzstan, and Kazakhstan take part in the Olympiad. BSMU was represented by two teams, one of them international, including students from India, Nigeria, and Vietnam.

      - It is very important for students, especially graduates, to show themselves, to compete with other teams. In China, all these skills are included in the standard of medical education, as in Russia. For our students, this Olympiad is also a great experience of international communication - said Wang Weiming, Vice President of the Health Research Center at Peking University.

The two-day program of the Olympiad includes various competitions: the imposition of an aorto-coronary shunt, the formation of an "s"-shaped reservoir from the small intestine, the competition of cardiopulmonary resuscitation, nephrectomy in the LapSim competition, palpation in the "LivePalm" simulator laparoscopic appendectomy, participants will test their knowledge in the theoretical, anatomical and photo-video competition. At the second day of the Olympiad, the endovideosurgical competition will be held, where the contestants will have to perform a perforation suture and a cholecystectomy on biological models. Three teams with the highest points will be allowed to participate in the cholecystectomy contest.

      - Last summer, we met with BSMU students at our University, thanks to the cooperation of our universities. I hope that our cooperation will develop into large-scale joint research in the future - said Stefan Molner, a medical student from the Mannheim University of Heidelberg, Germany (BSMU partner University).

The results of the Olympiad will be summed up on April 26. As a result of two days, teams will receive diplomas and valuable gifts. The best student will be awarded a symbolic Olympic gold scalpel.

Regional media about the Olympics https://gtrk.tv/novosti/132483-uchastniki-vserossiyskoy-studencheskoy-olimpiady-hirurgii-boryutsya-zolotoy-skalpel


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