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International conference dedicated to sexual medicine in Ufa: lectures and master-class of Cobi Reisman

From June 30th to July 1st 2016 Ufa and Bashkir State Medical University welcomed international scientific conference “Interdisciplinary issues of innovative solutions for male and female health problems, reproductive and sexual medicine” dedicated to reproductive and sexual medicine.


Special guests of the conference were the chairman of the European Society for Sexual Medicine (ESSM) professor Cobi Reisman and the Head of the Urology Clinic of the Regensburg University, professor Wolf F. Wieland. They delivered lectures and conducted a master-class for the local specialists in urology, gynaecology and psychiatry. Professor Reisman lectured on the interdisciplinary aspects of male and female health and on the issues of patients’ psychological rehabilitation after urological surgeries. Professor Wieland met with students and discussed traineeships in Germany and advancements of global medical science.

On the 1st of July professor Cobi Reisman together with representatives of urology and gynaecology departments of BSMU, professor Safiullin R. and head of the urology department of the BSMU Clinic Izmaylov A. carried out the master-class on penile prosthesis implantation and laparoscopic radical prostatectomy. The surgery was broadcasted to the auditorium observed by urologists, gynaecologists, senior students and residents. Before the master-class, the chairman of ESSM gave a lecture on modern techniques of surgical treatment of erectile dysfunction and prostate cancer. He also discussed diagnostic algorithms of given conditions, possible complications and postoperative rehabilitation methods.

Professor Reisman concluded his master-class by addressing the round-table “The prospects of development of sexual medicine in Bashkortostan”. Leading specialists of the Republic actively participated in the deliberations on the topic. The way forward is to advance activities in this area. According to the rector of BSMU Valentin Pavlov, there are plans to introduce a course on sexual medicine on the base of medical university for doctors and students.