The Dynamo stadium hosted the sports festival of the GTO All-Russian sports complex among the staff and faculty of BSMU
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The Dynamo stadium hosted the sports festival of the GTO All-Russian sports complex among the staff and faculty of BSMU

The GTO All-Russian sports complex (Ready for Labor and Defense) was held on April 28. The opening ceremony was attended by Professor Vladimir Ishmetov, Vice-Rector for Social and Educational Work with Students of BSMU, Viktor Makin, Head of the Military Sports Fund of the Republic of Bashkortostan, Ildar Sufiyarov, Dean of the Faculty of Pediatrics, Ekaterina Farshatova,  Acting Dean of the Faculty of General Medicine, Ruslan Gainullin, Head of the Department of Physical training, and other guests of honor.

- Let me to welcome all the participants on behalf of the university management! Only when actively engaged in physical culture and sports, the blood rushes to all organs. That is why it is so important to keep yourselves fit. The pandemic has once again shown that we need an active life, communication and regular exercise. Today, everyone will have this opportunity. On the playgrounds, you can test your strength in performing a set of exercises. The most important thing is to spend this wonderful sunny day with health benefits. I wish you all success and good health! - Vladimir Ishmetov said in his welcoming speech.

After the speech of the guests of honor and the awarding of the GTO golden marks to BSMU students, the official start of the competition was given.

The event started with a dance warm-up, conducted by Guzel Bartdinova, senior lecturer of BSMU Department of Physical training.

After the warm-up, everyone began to perform GTO complexes in the following disciplines: cross-country, pull-up on a high crossbar, pull-up lying on a low crossbar or a 16 kg kettlebell jerk, flexion-extension of the arms in the supine position, leaning forward from the standing position on the gymnastic bench, long jumps from a place with a push with two legs, lifting the trunk from the lying position on the back.

At the same time, the mini-football tournament and the competition among the teams of the university faculties started.

The event was attended by Vil Gabdullin, Chairman of the Commission for the Development of Physical Culture and Sports of the Regional Political Council of the United Russia Party, 41-time World Champion in kickboxing and martial arts. Vil Gabdullin warmly communicated with the participants of the festival and gave a high assessment of the festival organization.

It should be reminded, that Bashkir State Medical University is among the first universities in the Republic to start implementing the GTO complex. Therefore, our university is among the leaders both in terms of the number of participants and the results of the complex.

Students, staff, and faculty who successfully meet the standards will receive GTO honors badges.