BSMU Olympiad on General Hygiene
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BSMU Olympiad on General Hygiene

On April 28, 2021, the Olympiad on General Environmental Hygiene among 3rd-year students of the Faculty of Preventive Medicine and Biology of Bashkir State Medical University was held.

Totally 39 students took part in the Olympiad. The aim of the Olympiad is to provide students of the Faculty of Preventive Medicine and Biology with understanding of high importance of the General Hygiene discipline as the basis of preventive thinking.

The event was held in three stages:

Stage 1 (qualifying) – testing.

Stage 2 (creative) – solving situational problems.

Stage 3 – blitz poll.

The methodical commission of the Department of Hygiene with the course of medical and preventive affairs IAPE of BSMU consisted of Associate Professor P. A. Mochalkin, the acting head of the department, associate professor U. Z. Akhmadullin, Professor T. R. Zulkarnaev, Professor L. B. Ovsyannikova, senior teacher E. T. Yalaeva, senior teacher A. Kh. Akhmetzyanova. The commission developed materials for the Olympiad tasks, criteria and methods for evaluating completed tasks, carried out information and organizational and methodological support for the event.

The winners of the Olympiad became:

First prize – Baskakova Darya Sergeevna;

Second prize – Anikina Yulia Vyacheslavovna, Minimullina Vlada Rinatovna

Third prize – Gomozova Yulia Andreevna, Zinatullina Alsu Fanurovna, Khairullina Diana Rinatovna.

We congratulate the winners and wish them further success in their studies and professional victories!