BSMU international students became winners of Total Dictation
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BSMU international students became winners of Total Dictation

On June 6, Russia celebrates the birthday of the genius who is rightly called the creator of the modern Russian literary language - Alexander Pushkin. Taking advantage of this wonderful occasion, we would like to congratulate all our students on this wonderful day and remind them that all together we are native speakers of one of the world's largest languages, spoken by about 260 million people, one of the official languages of the United Nations, the most geographically widespread language, the fourth in the world among translated languages, the first and mandatory language in space (according to the cooperation agreement for all astronauts working on the ISS, a mandatory condition – knowledge of Russian and English), one of the most difficult, along with Chinese and Japanese, for foreigners to learn.

The latter fact has not prevent our international students from conquering new heights in mastering the language of the great Sun of Russian Poetry this year.

Thus, international students of faculties of General Medicine and Dentistry from the first to the fifth courses became participants of the International Dictation in the languages of the peoples of the Republic of Bashkortostan, they wrote dictation in Russian and showed excellent results.

BSMU international students of all faculties from the 1st to the 5th courses took part in the annual international educational campaign Total Dictation. All participants showed excellent results, and one of our students – a fifth-year student George Nasrallah - became the winner and received a Winner's Diploma and memorable prizes from the organizers. Of course, such victories are impossible without the painstaking and, sometimes, selfless work of the teacher, leading his students to victories. George's victory is undoubtedly the victory of his Russian language teacher, Merry Mgerovna Petrosyan. We congratulate George and Merry Mgerovna on such a significant achievement in learning Russian!

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