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Sports and recreation events for students were held at BSMU

More than 3,000 foreign citizens study at BSMU. Including students from India, Colombia, Africa, Haiti, the Gulf states and the CIS. During the New Year holidays, the university management created conditions for organizing leisure activities for foreign students. On the first day of the new year 2023, January 1, students participated in the "Race of Promises" campaign.On January 2, students took part in sports and recreational activities: competitions in mini-football, volleyball, and swimming were organized. The Dynamo fitness hall, the fitness hall of the dormitory N1, and the fitness hall of the building N10 were also full of students. Some students preferred skiing-this is the first time for many international students. The vacations of BSMU students who stayed in Ufa were held with health benefits, personal development in a friendly sports atmosphere. Daily leisure activities for students will continue until the end of the holidays.

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