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International Youth Conference in English

The Department of Anesthesiology and Resuscitation (Head — Professor Ildar Lutfarakhmanov) and the Scientific and Educational Center of BSMU "Psychology, Pedagogy, Neurology, Neurorehabilitation" (head — Professor Leila Akhmadeeva) On January 14, 2023, a youth educational and methodological conference was held, among participants were students and young scientists from Russia, Uzbekistan, Nigeria, India, Somalia, Iran and Tajikistan. Questions were discussed about how knowledge of fundamental disciplines helps a clinician. The conference was opened by the vice-rector of BSMU, Professor Iskander Akhatov. The moderators of the discussions were well-known scientists from Ufa and Samarkand: Professors Tatiana Viktorova, Naufal Zagidullin, Alexey Kudreiko, Rais Gizatullin, Vadim Prudnikov, Sanzhar Zhoniev, Oksana Ivanova, Raisa Tazitdinova, etc. The conference was held in a hybrid format in English. Excellent theoretical presentations were presented, but the students were particularly impressed by the results of their own research. For example, the youngest participant, a first-year student from Bukhara Mirzo Mukhsinov, spoke about how cognitive functions and playing musical instruments are connected with the inclusion of data from a survey conducted by him, students Marvelos Ihunda and Rail Karaguzin shared the results of an online questionnaire on ethics in medicine, students Arushi Gupta and Negin Mojadam shared the results of an analytical study on biology and genetics. 27 listeners were registered in the hall of the simulation center and 89 online connections

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