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The winter holidays of BSMU students continue with fun sports and recreational activities

On January 4, the students, having chosen a sport that they liked, went to different buildings of BSMU and Dynamo sport complex. Students at the Dynamo sport complex were mastering the most effective sports for the body improvment: swimming, skating, training in the fitness hall of the stadium. Some foreign students chose classes held at sport complex N 10: table tennis, fitness in the sport complex 10 hall and dormitories N1. The friendly mini-football game, which continued the series of events, brought victory to the team from Tajikistan - 1st place, Africa - 2nd place, India - 3rd place, Uzbekistan - 4th place. We wish students excellent physical fitness, health and endurance and even greater achievements in the field of sports, not only within the walls of their native University, but also beyond.

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