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Valeriy Gavrilin, a student of the Faculty of Dentistry, won the Student Startup competition

Within the framework of the fourth stage of the Student Startup competition of the federal project "PUTP" organized by the Foundation for Assistance to Innovations, 99 projects from Bashkiria were supported.

Valery Gavrilin, a student of the Dental Faculty of Bashkir State Medical University, became one of the winners. His project, a mobile application, presents a medical decision support system in the form of a diagnostic expert system. The application allows, after analyzing images visualized by autofluorescent luminescence of the oral mucosa, to obtain a list of probable diseases, including precancerous ones.

The projects were selected in two stages. The first stage - from January to April 2023, then the students of our region submitted 253 applications, 62 of them were supported, by this indicator Bashkortostan entered the top five in the country.

The second stage was held from May to June 2023, 137 projects were submitted from the republic, 37 of them were supported. Each of the winners will receive a grant of 1,000,000 rubles to implement their business project.