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Chief French thoracic surgeon, Gilbert Massard, and chief thoracic surgeon of the Ministry of Healthcare of Russia, Peter Jablonski, held a demonstration operation in BSMU Clinic

14 December BSMU Clinic hosted the scientific and practical conference "Modern Technologies in Surgery of the Lungs and Thorax" with the participation of Prof. Gilbert Massard, Strasbourg University, member of RAS, and Prof. Yablonskiy P. K., Director of Saint-Petersburg Phthisiopulmonology Research Institute, chief thoracic surgeon of the Ministry of Healthcare.

- Nowadays master-classes with the participation of the world-importance doctors in our Clinic are carried out regularly; it is a great contribution to education and professional growth of students and doctors - made a welcoming speech at the opening of the conference director of Bashkir State Medical University, corresponding member of RAS, Valentin Pavlov.

Before the surgery started, Gilbert Massard told about its stages and characteristics, the establishment of thoracic surgeon schools in France, about the latest methods used in this field, and answered the questions the audience was interested in. - Thoracic surgery is a relatively young science, its rapid development started only 5-6 years ago with the emergence of a very interesting direction, which today is commonly used in our region, the minimally invasive surgery, - the Professor said.

During the conference, Peter Jablonski gave a lecture on "Minimally Invasive Thoracic Surgery", held the master-class "Single-Port Lobectomy in Thoracic Surgery", spoke about modern opportunities of bronchoscopy and commented on the progress of the operation. BSMU students, residents and Clinic’s physicians observed the online broadcast that took place in the lecture hall of BSMU Clinic. During the master-class, the professors conducted the operations to a 55-years-old man with a diagnosis of "Tumor of the peripheral upper lobe of right lung" and two young boys with a diagnosis of "Congenital symmetrical funnel chest deformity".

That was not the first time the professors met at conferences. In 2006 the international group of specialists from Russia and France (RAS acad. A. G. Chuchalin, Prof P. K. Yablonski and Prof. J. Massard) performed the first successful lung transplantation.

At the end of the master class, Valentin Pavlov met Gilbert Massardo and Peter Jablonski, where they discussed the peculiarities of the educational process in medical universities. Peter Kazimirovich, dean of the Medical faculty at St. Petersburg State University, was interested in academic exchange programs and research in the field of cell cultures.