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Hostel is an integral part of every university. Life in a hostel is full of pleasures and amusements.

Bashkir State Medical University administers four hostels to accommodate International students with native students.

Life in the BSMU hostel makes a student self dependent. It makes a person smart, active and disciplined. It gives all the students an ample chance to learn how to lead an independent and responsible life. It plays a vital role in the development of the personality of the students. Students of different habits and tastes live together under one roof which results in better understanding among themselves.

The hostels are controlled by a wardan. The wardans guide the students. They see whether the rules and regulations of the hostel are being followed or not.

Each hostel has a reading hall where the students study. In addition, all BSMU hostels have all necessary facilities for physical training, like, gymnasium and fitness hall. Thus, in the hostel, a student can develop his mind and body.

Each floor of the hostel is equipped with a kitchen where the students can prepare food for themselves. The markets and banks are in close proximity.
The hostel rooms are well furnished with beds, cupboards and many more.

All the hostels are not far from the university, bus and tram stops are at-hand.

It is a blessing, a joy, a lesson and a great responsibility to live in BSMU hostels.