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The International students of Bashkir State Medical University have an excellent fortuity to get themselves trained by the qualified and renowned physical coaches.

The instructors select the qualified students for further competitions and then they are trained under the surveillance of coaches.

The basement of the Sports building (BSMU bld.№10, Teatralnaya str., 2) is comprised of weightlifting gym where the mentors sharpen the skills of the weightlifters and large indoor stadium is established for sports, here you can play and practice basketball, football, volleyball, tennis, table tennis and athletics.

The 1st floor of the building is isolated for massage training.

The 2nd floor of the building is of Physiotherapy and includes separate wardrobe for girls and boys.

The 3rd floor of the building is the department of the trainers and the mat coated hall is for the gymnastic training.

Furthermore, the students preoccupy themselves in fitness exercises in the hostels of BSMU.

All the hostels possess a huge gym for the students of BSMU and special trainings are provided for kickboxing. The hostel students can train themselves with the well-equipped gym instruments. The International students are given special training on every Sunday.

The International students are given proper training to participate in all the tournaments and have achieved a prominent recognition.

The Indian students laid a foundation of cricket, they used to play on regular basis and the university gave an opportunity to conduct a cricket tournament amongst the students.

The University provides opportunities in the form of tournaments and championships for the International students to showcase their athletic skills.