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Faculty of Pharmacy


Dean Kudashkina Natalya Vladimirovna

Professor, PharmD, PhD, Head of the Department of pharmacognosy with the course of botany and elements of phytotherapy

Established in 1981, Faculty of Pharmacy has since that time trained about 4600 pharmacists, including more than 28 foreign ones. The Faculty of Pharmacy includes 7 departments. Students of the specialty «Pharmacy» study a full range of academic disciplines that consider all stages of the circulation of medicines, including their development, preclinical and clinical researches, manufacturing, compounding, quality control, distribution, dispensing and medical use. Practical training is carried out on the basis of leading and largest pharmacies, hospitals and pharmaceutical companies. Residency training is also provided in all pharmaceutical specialties: «Pharmaceutical chemistry and pharmacognosy», «Management and economics of pharmacy» and «Pharmaceutical technology». Students are actively engaged in scientific work, participate in various olympiads, conferences and congresses at the international and all-Russian level and regularly win prizes.


The mission of the educational program «Pharmacy» is to provide high-quality, affordable higher pharmaceutical education, which corresponds to the level of leading Russian and foreign universities using modern practice-oriented educational technologies, fundamental and applied scientific research in the field of pharmaceutical sciences, integrated into the education and healthcare systems, practical pharmacy and pharmaceutical industry aimed at preventing diseases, improving of health and quality of life of the population.

Contact information:

450008, Russian Federation, Republic of Bashkortostan, Ufa, Pushkin Str, 96/98, building 7, room 106

Tel.: + 7 (347) 273-61-47

E-mail: dekanat.farm@bashgmu.ru

Faculty Regulations 

Regulations on the Academic Council of the Faculty of Pharmacy