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Fellowships, scholarships and grants

Fellowships of American Austrian Fellowships (AAF) for participation at the Salzburg Medical Seminars

The OMI - Salzburg Medical Seminars (the Salzburg-Weill Cornell Seminars, the Salzburg-CHOP Seminars for Pediatrics, the Salzburg-Cleveland Seminars, the Salzburg-Duke Seminar and the Salzburg-Columbia Seminars) link physicians from leading American hospitals and their affiliated medical schools with physicians practicing in Central and Eastern Europe, Central Asia, the former Soviet Union and other countries in transition.

Under the auspices of The American Austrian Foundation, the seminars are funded by the Austrian Federal Ministry of Science, Research and Economy and The Open Society Foundations, as well as corporate and individual donors.

Those wishing to apply must fulfill the following criteria:

  • English speaking, mid-career level, practicing physicians with teaching responsibilities from Central and Eastern Europe, Central Asia and the former Soviet Union and Africa.
  • Applicants from other countries must pay their own travel and accommodation. Board and tuition is provided by the organiser. A limited number of fellowships are available for applicants from other countries
  • For first time applicants, the age requirement is between 30 and 45 years of age, and for seminar alumni who are reapplying, up to 50 years
  • Certified specialist in the medical topic of the seminar or in final year of training
  • Publications: in mother tongue, and particularly in English
  • Uploaded proof of required documentation (see application process)
  • Country coordinator recommendation (when applicable)

Scholarships of German Academic Exchange Service (DAAD)

Programs of DAAD are published annually at the official web-site of DAAD.

Programs of the European Union

Scholarships for studies -  Erasmus+


Funding of research - Horizon 2020


Other programs

Paid internships of the Doctors Without Borders/Médecins Sans Frontières


Scientific and Technological Research Council of Turkey (TÜBİTAK) Fellowships for PhD students and young post-doctoral researchers to pursue their research in Turkey


Grants of the National Institutes of Health (USA)


Funding of the innovative and interdisciplinary basic research focused on the complex mechanisms of living organisms


Services for the search for medical scholarships abroad