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Bashkir State Medical University and Dean’s Office for International Students hold the team “BSMU-Press Team” aiming at providing information to students in hassle free manner and the team has been doing so since then.

BSMU-Press Team is one of the leading and top media team in the Bashkir State Medical University started from a few followers to 2000+ followers on all leading social medias.

BSMU-Press Team owns their skilled members


ASHIK SHAMSUDEEN - Vice Head of BSMU-Press Team

The BSMU-Press Team launched its own YouTube channel, where they upload content regarding all the events, interviews, information about upcoming events, pre and post event coverage, university competitions, information for new students about university and how to live in Russia, Mister and Miss BSMU, Spring festival, interactive sessions with teachers and many more.

BSMU-Press Team is also present on Vk (BSMU-Press team), which contains 200+ albums and 20,000+ photos.

Instagram (@bashsmu or #bsmupressteam) where the team post pictures of events and also daily upload pictures to increase your knowledge.

The press team covers not only university competitions and sports tournaments, but also the top events around the city related to the University. Neuroscience Conference, The First Russia-Chinese Conference, Education Fair, Master Classes on Urology, Master class on Neurology, Master class on Robotic Surgery, International Microbiology Olympiad, Miss and Mister BSMU are just a few out the many events the press team has covered.

BSMU-Press Team also launched their very own events namely.

Emergency Care Olympiad 1 & 2, BSMU Star Group, Fresher’s Fiesta-2018 and the very new - MISS Press Team-2019.

The press team along with the help of Dean’s Office for International Students held a three day International Medical Forum-2019 where experts from India came to solve doubts of students regarding the license exam after graduation through lectures, exams, and interactive sessions.