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Public Health and Health Care Organization


Address: 450000, Ufa, Lenin str., 3 (1st floor)

Tel.: (347) -272-42-21

Tel. / Fax manager. Department: (347) -272-42-21

E-mail: kafedraoz-ipo-bgmu@rambler.ru

History of the department

The department was founded in January 2008., Minutes of the meeting of the Academic Council BSMU number 11 of 25.12.2007.

Since August 2007 IPO head of the course of public health and health organizations BSMU was Professor F.B. Shamigulov. The main focus of the course was on the economic fundamentals of health, especially in today's financial environment. The increased demand for training of health management, the allocation of health care and training in one of the priority national projects in the country was one of the main factors creating an independent department for health care managers.

In January 2008, was organized by the Department of Public Health and Health Organization, the Institute of Postgraduate Education BSMU led her professor F.B. Shamigulov.

Employees of the Department

1) Head. department MD, professor Shamigulov Fanil B.

2) MD, professor Akhmerova Svetlana G.

3) MD, professor Nizamova Endzhe I.

4) MD, professor Dautov Salavat B.

5) PhD, associate professor Rakhimkulov Azamat S.

6) PhD, associate professor H. Ahmadullina Gulnur H.

7) PhD, associate professor Romanova Oksana B.

8) associate professor Galimova Hadicha B.

9) assistant Shamgulova Svetlana F.

10)senior laboratory Kutlugildina Gulshat F.

Scientific directions of the department

The study of public health and the factors that influence health (Prof. Shamigulov F.B., prof. Akhmerova S.G., prof. Nizamova E.I., Assoc. Rakhimkulov A.S.)

The development of measures to protect public health and improve health care, increase the sustainability and efficiency of health care in modern conditions (Prof. Shamigulov F.B., prof. Akhmerova S.G., prof. Turyanov A.H., Assoc. Lysenko O.V., Assoc. Galimov H.W.)

Ethno-regional system of health preservation participants in the educational process (Prof. Akhmerova S.G.).

Educational Activities

Currently teaching at the department carried out in two specialties:

- "Public health and public health" - Residency, professional retraining, general improvements, area improvement.

- "Management of nursing activities" - internship, professional retraining, general improvements, area improvement.

Also arranged cycles of the overall improvement "Statistical Information and Computer Science in Healthcare Management", "Examination (control) the quality of care."