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Therapy, Nursing and General Patient Care

The Chair of Therapy, Nursing and General Patient Care was founded in 1994 and was really unique in history of our University. Since the creation the Chair has been led by professor Nazifullin Vil Lutfievich. The Chair has number of clinical and educational facilities. The main location of the Chair is Ufa City Hospital #8, other clinical facilities are Ufa Veteran`s hospital, Republic Child Hospital and Rehabilitation Center of Resort «Raduga». There are many different specialists in the Chair`s stuff, from different branches of medical sciences, such as internal diseases, surgery, intensive care, pediatrics and, of course, nursing. One of that stuff has doctoral of medical science degree (Ph.D., M.D.) – prof. Nazifullin, six person have candidate in medical science degree (M.D.). There are 2 main divisions in the educational process. The first one is training of nursing for higher education students. This type of training consist of studying internal diseases, geriatrics and rehabilitation.  The second division is working with students of General medicine and Pediatrics department. This kind of work includes teaching basics of nursing.

There are many types of educational equipment for such kind of training like nursing, first aid, resuscitation. Training with simulators is а student`s first step. Only students undergone that training are allowed to working with patients and practice in clinic.

Besides the studying, there are activities aimed at providing real support to sick persons. It is the student association called «The Charity».  This unionhas established for providing support to veterans of our University. Members of this union helped disabled person in their everyday life - from buying food to medical care.

Most important part of chair`s work is science. There are a number of scientific researches in different branches of medicine like clinical immunology, pulmonology, nursing, first aid and medical education.

All of our stuff are not only teachers but also medical care professionals who take part in diagnosing and treatment.

In May 12, 1997 for the first time in our Republic, the International Nurse day was celebrated. This day was chosen to celebrate the anniversary of the birth of Florence Nightingale, who is widely considered as the founder of modern nursing.

Every spring, Scientific Conferences are taken. There are many other conferences for medical stuff of Ufa hospitals, too.