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List of documents necessary for admission to Bashkir State Medical University

1.A notarized copy of education certificate translated into Russian

2.Originals of the legalized education certificates

3.Certificate of recognition (recognition is a procedure which grants the document holder the right to continue education)

4.Academic transcript (if transferring from another Russian university)

5.Foundation course certificate (if required)

6.A notarized copy of the national passport translated into Russian

7.A notarized copy of birth certificate translated into Russian

8.Health state certificate (including the results of physical examination and X-ray)


10.HIV test certificate

11.Medical insurance

12.10 photos (black and white or colored but with white background)

If you have any questions concerning the above mentioned documents, please contact the International Office by e-mail: bsmu-int@mail.ru or

tel.: +7-347-272-56-64