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Visa and Invitation

To make an invitation letter, it is necessary to e-mail the following documents to the International Office:

1. Legalizededucationcertificate

2. A copy of the national passport

3. An application for invitation letter (download)

To make a multi-entry visa, it is necessary to submit the following documents to the International Office two months prior to the expiry date of the current visa:

1. Statetaxpaymentreceipt

2. 6 photos, 3х4 cm (NO SMALLER), MATT, black and white or colored but with a white background

3. Original and a copy of HIV test certificate

4. 2 copies of the national passport the expiry date of which is not earlier than in 18 months from the date of documents submission

5. A copy of the primary visa

6. 2 copies of the migration card

7. A copy of the registration paper

8. A copy of the current multi-entry visa