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Cell Culture Laboratory

The head of the laboratory is Danilko Ksenia Vladimirovna, Candidate of Biological Sciences

Cell Culture Laboratory (CCL) was organized in 2014 at BSMU Central Research Laboratory on the initiative of BSMU rector, Pavlov V. N. All the services of BSMU, young staff of the Central Research Laboratory, Biology department, Basic and Applied Microbiology department worked at the creation of a new research laboratory. The laboratory is located on the first floor of a historical building at the address: 45/1, Zaki Validi Street. By 2017 CCL was fitted with modern equipment and furniture. It took about 30 million rubles for its purchase.

The purpose of CCL is to provide research in BSMU, meeting modern requirements, using molecular and cellular technologies.

CCL objectives:

* ensuring the current level of scientific research in BSMU,

* conducting joint research with other institutions and organizations,

* participating in training of highly qualified specialists,

* providing services on existing equipment.

Main activities of the Laboratory:

* Building up cell cultures for carrying out joint research.

* Providing cell cultures for research projects of BSMU staff.

* Creating the collection of the most popular cell lines of BSMU researchers.

* Regular monitoring the quality and properties of the culture media and sera.

* Cultivating primary cultures of human cells of normal and tumor origin.

Research methods that are available in the Laboratory

Currently the Laboratory carries out molecular genetic studies with the extraction of RNA, DNA and the use of various versions of PCR and electrophoresis; cytofluorimetric studies and automatic cell sorting; microscopic analysis, including the use of fluorescence and phase contrast with video registration; cultural studies: obtaining primary cultures of animal and human cells; maintaining permanent cell lines; cryopreservation of small samples of tissues and cells; low-temperature freezing and storage at -70 °C; immune-enzyme analysis.

Educational and pedagogical activity

Educational and practical training for senior students, residents, graduate students, cadets of APEI are held at the Laboratory.

The students of the Faculty of Preventive Medicine with the course of Microbiology and the Faculty of Pharmacy pass the practice and do graduate work at CCL.

Scientific activity

CCL develops cooperation in the direction of "Development of new biocompatible implant materials" along with Ufa State Aviation Technical University, and the Institute of Petrochemistry and Catalysis of RAS.

Joint work on "Development of the method for tumor cells detection with the use of Raman scattering spectroscopy (Raman spectroscopy)" is held with the Institute of Petrochemical Processing of RB. The laboratory staff undergo scientific training at the Institute of Transfusion Medicine and Immunology of the Medical Faculty at Heidelberg University (Mannheim, Germany) under the guidance of Professor Yulia Georgievna Krzyszkowska. A graduate student of the Biology department, Nazarova L. S., has worked out Ph. D. thesis on the problem of molecular-genetic basis development of juvenile arthritis among children from the Republic of Bashkortostan. CCL participates in the performance of state tasks and RFBR grants.

The head of the laboratory is Candidate of Biological Sciences, Danilko Ksenia Vladimirovna.

In addition, the laboratory employs two young staff members.

Cell Culture Lab Equipment