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BSMU Library has received test access to the Cochrane Library

Dear readers!

BSMU Library has received test access to the Cochrane Library. We invite you to take advantage of this opportunity!

Cochrane Library is a unique reliable source of evidence for the effectiveness of medicines and medical solutions.

The Cochrane Library provides access to the following data:

·         leading global systems analysis with quality independent evidence for informed medical decision making;

·         integrated databases covering clinical trials, methods, technology and economic assessment;

·         free podcasts with summary audio recordings of selected publication analyses;

·         specialized collections grouped by topic;

·         regularly published seminars on specialized scientific publications to discuss new Cochrane reviews;

·         monthly publications.

Access will last till 31 October 2018

Access to the Cochrane Library is available only from in BSMU Library at the information room at the link http://cochranelibrary.com/

Training videos and materials on working with the system https://www.cochranelibrary.com/help/training.