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Safety Issues

·  Rules of safe behavior of foreign students on the street

  • Avoid walking alone in poorly populated places;
  • Avoid, whenever possible nightouts and travel during late nights, as a last resort, use a taxi;
  • Never show money or jewelry to anyone, they must be kept in your inner pocket or in another safe place;
  • If someone tries to block your path, and you cannot escape, contact the police officer;
  • Be careful in poorly lighted streets, trying to avoid them whenever possible;
  • When leaving the hostel, always tell where you are going and how you can be contacted if necessary;
  • Avoid casual acquaintances, invitations to unfamiliar companies;
  • Inform by phone when you return home and from where.

·  Rules to live in hostel

  • You must maintain the silence in the hostels from 23:00 to 07:00 from Monday to Friday and from 23:00 to 09:00 on Saturday, Sunday and public holidays;
  • You should keep your surroundings clean and tidy, maintain hygiene and cleanliness in the common areas;
  • Strictly follow these Rules: safety rules and fire safety rules;
  • Strictly follow the instructions for the use of electrical and household appliances;
  • Do not leave your documents, cash, jewelry, personal belongings and other valuable items unattended. For the documents left unattended, personal belongings, jewelry, cash and other valuable items of the University is not responsible;
  • When malfunctions of a dwelling or sanitary-technical or other equipment located in it are detected, immediately report them to the person on duty at the hostel;

·  Preventing theft and safety of personal belongings

  • Do not leave the door open, even for a minute after leaving the room;
  • Do not leave the room unattended when strangers are there;
  • Do not be unnecessarily trusting;
  • Do not tell your neighbors or friends about the presence of a large amount of money, valuables or valuable items;
  • Do not leave unattended documents, cash, jewelry, personal belongings and other valuable items. For the documents left unattended, personal belongings, jewelry, cash and other valuable items of the residing, University is not responsible;
  • Do not leave expensive items, telephones, money.

·  Fire Safety Technique

  • Keep your workplace clean and tidy;
  • Passages, exits must not be overloaded with various objects and equipments;
  • Prevent violation of fire safety by unauthorized persons;
  • Do not connect unauthorized electrical appliances;
  • Do not use open fire in the office and work premises;
  • Do not smoke, do not throw cigarettes and matches in the office and work premises;
  • Do not use electric heaters for personal purposes with open spirals;
  • Do not hang posters, clothes and other objects on electrical sockets, switches and other electrical appliances;
  • Evacuation passages, exits must be left free.

·  Safety in open water reservoirs

  • It is not recommended to be engaged in swimming in open reservoirs, at water temperature below +15 °C; - you must not dive in unfamiliar places;
  • Do not jump into the water from boats, boats, moorings and other structures that are not adapted for these purposes;
  • It is desirable to choose specially designated places for swimming;
  • Do not swim far from the shore, beyond the buoys, denoting the boundaries of the safe zone;
  • You should not swim in wetlands and where there is algae or ooze;
  • it is strictly forbidden to enter the water and swim in a drunken state;
  • You should not shout for false alarming reasons;
  • If you have cramps in your muscles, lie on your back and swim to the shore;
  • Keep the rest places near the water, do not throw litter in the reservoirs, do not leave litter on the shore and in the locker rooms.