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Science and Innovation

Foreign students are actively involved in scientific life

Dean's office for international students organized a club "MASTERING EXCELLENCE STUDIES" for those students who are interested in scientific and practical aspects in the surgery field.

There was also created tutor student group at the Human Anatomy Department where senior students support and help junior students to master educational programs of Human Anatomy. In addition, under the guidance of Professors, students are enthusiastically engaged in science and introduce scientific and practical technologies in the field of human anatomy.

Besides there was organized the student scientific society of Francophone students LA SOCIÉTÉ SCIENTIFIQUE FRANCOPHONE in 2018. Francophone students have been working dynamically over a year.

Dean's office for international students and the scientific library of BSMU started work in cultural and linguistic club "Between the cultures». It was created in order to expand the horizons of students, develop bilingual environment at the BSMU, organize leisure time and disclose creative abilities and talents of BSMU students.