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Academic Calendar




Autumn semester

01st of September – middle of January

Examination period (winter session)

End of January

Winter vacations


Spring semester

Not later than 09th of February

Examination period (summer session)

Till the beginning of the July (depends on the course of studies)

Clinical practice

Till the middle of July (15-18th)

period depends on the course

Summer vacations

From the middle of July to 31st of August

Please follow this calendar organizing your activities (and re-works if there are any) and book your tickets in accordance with the above mentioned periods and dates.

Timetable for classes

Lessons are held from Monday to Saturday!!!

1 lesson

08.45 – 10.20

2 lesson

10.30 – 12.05

Lunch break from 12.05 till 13.00

3 lesson

13.00 – 14.35

4 lesson

14.45 – 16.20

5 lesson

16.30 – 18.05


Please be punctual! 

We also kindly ask you to keep in mind that classes of senior courses (4th to 6th) are organized in cycles (blocks) which end with exams after completing the full course of discipline except of those which are set in the session period.