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Federal Law

"On Education in the Russian Federation"

29.12.2012                                  №273-FZ

accepted by the State Duma of the Russian Federation on December 21, 2012

approved by Council of the Russian Federation on December 26, 2012


Article 43. Duties and responsibility of students

1. Students are obliged:

1) to honestly master the educational program, to implement the individual curriculum, including to visit the studies provided by the curriculum or the individual curriculum, to carry out independent preparation for occupations, to perform the tasks given by pedagogical workers within the educational program;

2) to fulfill requirements of the charter of the organization which is carrying out educational activity, regulations, rules of accommodation in hostels and boarding schools and other local regulations concerning the organization and implementation of educational activity;

3) to care for preservation and for the strengthening of the health, to seek for moral, spiritual and physical development and self-improvement;

4) to respect honor and dignity of other students and employees of the organization which is carrying out an educational activity not to create obstacles for education by other students;

5) to make thrifty use of the property of the organization which is carrying out educational activity.


The Law on Education (Part 4, Article 43) contains a full list of disciplinary punishments that may be imposed on the students (trainees) for violation of abovementioned duties: 1) warning (notification), 2) reprimand (reproof) and 3) expulsion from the educational organization.