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Hostel Accommodation

Foreign citizens staying for study are provided with a place in the hostel.

Rules of conduct in hostels

Foreign students are provided with accommodation in hostels of University campus. There are 4 hostels in BSMU.

In the university hostel it is FORBIDDEN:

1.    to damage to property;

2.    smoking (hookah, cigarettes and other substances);

3.    storage, production, drinking and distribution of alcoholic beverages;

4.    illegal storage, manufacture, distribution and use of narcotic, psychotropic substances and their precursors;

5.    to bring strangers to the hostel and keep them for the night, provide living space for living to other people, including those living in other rooms of the hostel;

6.    to store and use explosives in a hostel or chemically dangerous substances or any kind of firearms, traumatic, pneumatic, cold, gas weapons;

7.    unauthorized relocation, transfer of furniture and re-equipment of rooms or university's property;

8.    to exercise official work in the room or perform other activities that create increased noise and vibration, violating the normal living conditions of students in other living areas from 22.00 to 07.00.

9.    exercise any form of humiliation and degradation, physical and mental violence against another person, using foul language and swearing;

10. to discriminate the individual on the basis of gender and social grounds: disrespect for the customs and traditions of representatives of different peoples, ethnic groups and religious confessions, and also show disrespect for other students, teachers, and workers in the hostel;

11. maintenance of premises (rooms, kitchens, bathrooms) in unsanitary condition;

12. use electric heating plates, electric kettle, microwave ovens and electric heating appliances;

13. to use electrical appliances, lamps with broken parts and wiring, refrigerating chambers with leakage of chambers, etc.

14. to use the premises allocated for living for commercial purposes;

15. to use sources of open fire in a residential building (candles, Bengal lights, etc.);

16. to keep domestic animals and birds in the hostel

17. to keep bulky things in the room that disturb other residents;

International students just as Russian citizens are required:

1.    to clean the premises in which they live, and clean the kitchen and bathroom. Cleaning of the kitchen is carried out in accordance with the schedule of duty.

2.    to timely pay a fee for accommodation, utilities and for all types of additional services consumed, provided at will of the residents;

3.    to maintain silence in hostels from 23:00 to 07:00 from Monday to Friday inclusive and from 23:00 to 09:00 on Saturday, Sunday and public holidays;

4.    to strictly adhere to these Rules of Internal Regulations in hostels of University campus, safety regulations and fire safety rules;

5.    to strictly follow the instructions for using electric and gas appliances and household appliances;

6.    to strictly adhere to regulations of the elevators;

7.    to take care of the rooms, equipment and inventory of the hostel;

8.    To compensate the material damage caused to the University in accordance with the current legislation of the Russian Federation and the contract for renting a room in a hostel;

9.    Do not leave documents, money, jewels, personal items and other valuable items unattended. For documents left unattended, personal belongings, jewelry, money and other valuable items of the resident, the University does not bear responsibility;

10. economically use electricity, gas and water;

11. keep cleanliness and order in living rooms and common areas; to clean in their living rooms and in the kitchen daily - according to the established schedule of duty;

12. to present the hostel pass at the request of the duty personel in the hostel ;

13. to ensure the possibility of inspection of the living room by the management of the hostel, the members of the student council for the purpose of monitoring compliance with these Rules, checking the safety of property, conducting preventive and other types of work;

14. to inform the person on duty in the hostel, immediately, if there are any faults in the living quarters or sanitary-technical equipment, or any other equipment located in it, about them.