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The world-class Eurasian research and educational center in Bashkortostan has received the Federal status


Bashkortostan became the winner of the competitive selection and will receive the Federal support for the development of the world-class Eurasian research and educational center (REC). This news was announced by Russian Prime Minister Mikhail Mishustin and signed a corresponding order.

– This week, the Government summed up the results of the competitive selection of research and educational centers that will be provided with state support. Five centers have been selected, most of which are interregional, “ - the Prime Minister said. "They will bring together leading universities, research organizations, and companies in the real economy. It is possible to build a modern model of research and development, to train qualified specialists to solve large-scale scientific and technological problems exactly on the basis of such centers. Further development of such centers will not only fulfill the task set by the President, but will also enable Russian science to achieve new achievements of global significance, as well as increase the scientific potential of Russian regions.

It should be reminded, that on November 30, the Council of scientific and educational centers’ meeting was held, which was led by Deputy Prime Minister of Russia Dmitry Chernyshenko. The region's application was represented by the Head of the Republic Radiy Khabirov in the online conference.

- In Bashkortostan, within the framework of the national project "Science", we are creating a world – class Eurasian research and educational center, which is of special strategic importance for us, - said Radiy Khabirov. – In this work, we focus on solving the main tasks: investment growth, technological modernization of the economy, integration of science, education and business. All this should lead to increase in human capital.

Bashkortostan has all the necessary resources to create a world-class REC. There are powerful petrochemical, aviation, machine building, agricultural, pharmaceutical and tourist and recreational clusters in the Republic. There are five Territories of advanced social and economic development and the Special economic zone Alga. The Republican powerful research and educational potential is based on the world-famous scientific schools and modern laboratories. Regional Universities successfully cooperate with leading corporations in Russia and the world, and continue to increase the export of education. Active trade, economic and humanitarian ties of Bashkortostan with more than 100 countries also contribute to the solution of the task to a world – class Eurasian REC in the Republic.

The project roadmap provides for creation of 95 advanced and technologically productive solutions, opening of 70 new serial production facilities in the region, formation of two new competence centers and another special economic zone. Integration of higher education institutions into a single powerful research center will create a synergistic effect for the research activities of more than 4 thousand specialists, and equip three world-class laboratories. Bashkortostan has also prepared a project for the construction of an Intercollegiate campus for 5 thousand places, so that young people from the Republic do not go to study in other regions. Two industrial parks will be built for the industrial implementation of scientific developments and 20 new enterprises will be supported. In the future, it is expected to increase the number of international students to 10 thousand people and increase the tourist flow to the region by 750 thousand guests.

The cost of these activities until 2024 will amount to more than 40 billion rubles. In particular, it is planned to allocate over 8 billion rubles for the implementation of technological projects, 60 percent of which is from extra-budgetary sources. The growth of the gross regional product over five years should be 17.2 percent and reach 2 trillion rubles. The volume of investments in fixed assets will grow from 297 billion to 448 billion rubles.

The world-class Eurasian research and educational center includes six universities of Bashkortostan, three research institutions and 20 organizations of the real economy. In accordance with the program of the REC activities, 10 technological projects were identified in the areas of New living environment, Digital and "green" chemistry, energy, Biomedicine and genetics, Engineering and advanced production technologies.

The participants of the Council meeting unanimously supported the project to create a world-class Eurasian research and educational center in Bashkortostan, emphasizing that it must be implemented.

Bashkir State Medical University participates in the implementation of RECs in the areas of Biomedicine and genetics and New environment of life.

The implementation of research projects in the areas of bioengineering technologies, medical genetics, pharmaceuticals, molecular cell and regenerative medicine as part of the REC "The world-class Eurasian research and educational center" will allow our University to become a leading medical educational and research center, competitive at the domestic and international levels, ensuring the unity of the triad "education-science-production".